Arto Ronkainen ja Jari Kukkonen katkaisusahalla

Smartmes in action at the Tulikivi factory

In January 2022, Smartmes software developer Jari Kukkonen paid a visit to the Tulikivi factory located in Nunnanlahti, Juuka. The factory has been utilizing Smartmes since 2006. During the annual year-end shutdown, a new version of the software was seamlessly integrated, ensuring no interruptions to production.

To keep pace with evolving design needs, Smartmes was updated to support the latest fireplace models. Enhancements were also made to its user interface, streamlining operations and elevating user experience. Also, the factory staff underwent training to master these new functionalities.

Join us for an insightful factory tour courtesy of Production Software!

The Kivikylä Factory Landscape

In the warmth of summer, Kivikylä radiates charm and beauty. Yet, during the overcast days of January, its full splendor may be veiled to a passerby. Captured in the photograph to the right, the historic factory stands proudly. Behind it, a mound – once rapidly formed from waste materials – now sees slower growth, a testament to the efficient measures introduced by Smartmes.

Dominating the photo’s center, the factory store and its adjoining dining spaces beckon. Just beyond, a striking yellow edifice houses both a laboratory and office facilities. To the left, the stone center stands a hub for exhibitions and retail spaces.

From Quarry to Factory Floor

The journey of a premium domestic fireplace springs to life at our state-of-the-art factory. Here, massive boulders weighing anywhere from 2 to 15 tons are transported from nearby quarries and hoisted inside. These monumental stones first meet the precision of the BlockCutter saw before being systematically stored in our plank warehouse, poised for their next phase of sawing.

Using specialized cutoff saws, these planks are meticulously shaped into precise-sized blanks. Further down the production line, advanced machinery undertakes the intricate tasks of final machining. This meticulous process culminates in crafting bespoke fireplace packages tailored to individual orders.



Smartmes: A catalyst for Factory Operations

Overseeing the factory’s pulse, Shift Manager Tero Hiltunen adeptly coordinates operations via the Smartmes control screens. Beyond mere supervision, he personally steps in when needed, ensuring the highest standards by testing plank gradings firsthand. Collaborating closely with the broader management team, Tero is relentless in his pursuit of operational excellence. On a recent occasion, he teamed up with Maintenance Specialist Markku Pennanen, ideating enhancements for the cutoff saw workstation.

At the Sawyer’s Domain

At the heart of the cutoff saw station, the sawyer meticulously chooses the next oven destined for crafting. Before delving into the sawing process, a rigorous quality assessment of the plank is undertaken, determining its suitability for specific oven components. Throughout these phases, the sawyer is seamlessly aided by the production control system:

  • Smartmes provides an agenda, showcasing the lineup of ovens slated for delivery in the upcoming week.
  • It then curates a list detailing the exact stones required for each oven.
  • Smartmes optimizes the plank, conveying precise sawing instructions to the cutoff saw regarding the blanks.

As the process unfolds, Arto Ronkainen expertly measures and saws the plank. Concurrently, Jari Kukkonen of Production Software imparts invaluable knowledge to the factory crew, acquainting them with the software’s latest innovations.

Nearing Completion

As the process advances, stones prepped for delivery converge at the line’s terminus, each processed by one of ten distinct machines. Every station is equipped with a dedicated Smartmes display, providing a comprehensive rundown of incoming stones accompanied by schematic drawings and precise measurements.

Each stone undergoes a meticulous visual inspection by the factory personnel, ensuring its aesthetics and integrity align with expectations. Not only must the stone match the designated model, but it should also exhibit all the requisite machining finishes. Based on the evaluation, the worker either greenlights or vetoes the stone using the digital display. In the event a stone doesn’t meet the standard, the system promptly commissions a fresh blank from the cutoff saw, ushering it through the machining apparatus with expedited efficiency.

In the midst of this orchestrated workflow, Petja Ronkainen scrupulously examines the stone’s specifications. Upon verification, he carefully relocates the approved stone from the conveyance. This stone is then destined for the oven pallet. Seamlessly, Smartmes offers Ronkainen a forecast, highlighting which stones are next in the queue for extraction.