Inventory control encompasses various aspects of an industrial company, and the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) typically interacts with other computer systems through interfaces. Thus, careful decisions need to be made regarding the allocation of functions between the MES and other systems, such as ERP systems and external inventory management software, to avoid duplication of efforts.

For optimal efficiency, intermediate stocks within the production line are best monitored using the MES, while an ERP or other external inventory management system may more effectively handle managing stocks of raw materials, components, and finished goods.

Modern MES software, like Smartmes, is equipped to manage inventory control functions comprehensively, even when other systems are unavailable. The figure below illustrates the key functions of the Smartmes inventory control system, and further details can be found on the Inventory Control Functions page.

By leveraging advanced inventory control features, Smartmes and other modern MES solutions enable industrial companies to efficiently manage inventory, optimize production processes, and improve overall operational effectiveness.

The figure below shows the main functions of the Smartmes inventory control system. The modules of the software are described in more detail on the Inventory Control Functions page.

ISA-95 activity model


Enhanced Benefits with SMARTMES Inventory Program:

  • Real-time visibility into the value of intermediate stocks, allowing for informed decision-making and efficient inventory management.
  • Accurate tracking of cycle times and consumption of commodities, facilitating data-driven process optimization and resource allocation.
  • Improved purchasing strategies based on actual consumption data, leading to cost savings and reduced waste.
  • Empowerment of users with decision-making authority at the operational level, enabling quicker response to changing demands and increased operational agility.


Special modules of the Smartmes inventory management software can also be used as stand-alone programs. They allow valuable functions to be implemented in a very cost-effective way for the operation of the factory.

The following special modules, among others, can be used for inventory control:

  • SMARTMES Inventory Monitoring
  • SMARTMES Inventory Monitoring Lite
  • SMARTMES Communicator


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