Wood Industry

he Wood Industry in Finland has a long-standing tradition of using wood as a beloved natural material. Carpentry, one of our most traditional crafts, continues to be highly valued in modern times. However, working with wood requires special skills and experience due to its unique characteristics.

In today’s mechanical woodworking industry, there is a wide range of activities that utilize wood, including the production of souvenirs, furniture, doors, windows, house packages, and apartment blocks, among others. However, with increasing international competition, companies in this sector must constantly strive to improve their productivity.

That’s where the Smartmes Production Programme comes in to offer valuable assistance. Our software provides innovative solutions to enhance productivity and streamline processes in the wood industry. If you’re interested in learning more, we invite you to book an appointment below for a Teams demonstration of the Smartmes software or to schedule an initial assessment to see how Smartmes could benefit your business.